Here’s How the 3 Levels of Anxiety Actually Work [Stress, Smooth Muscle, & Cognitive]


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Anxiety does not originate in your thoughts, even though that’s the common belief. Feelings of anxiety (as well as anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder) actually manifest in your body. Few know this better than MedCircle Certified Educator Dr. Kristy Lamb, who is double board certified in both psychiatry and family medicine. In this interview, she breaks down the 3 tiers of anxiety in your body & how to spot them.

She also answers:
How do we spot the type of anxiety we’re experiencing?
What are the effects of these levels of anxiety on our physical and mental health?
When we’re experiencing anxiety, which tier do we focus on coping with first?
What should we actually do when we’re experiencing one of these tiers of anxiety?

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