How to Deal with Anxiety Ft. AustinShow | Dr. K Interviews


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Dr. K talks with Austin, known as twitch as AustinShow, who hosts shows such as Love or Host, formerly known as the rajjchelor. Please go check Austin out and thank him for coming on:

00:00 Austin’s Name Change from RajjPatel
9:45 Gatekeeping Suffering on Twitch Streamers
19:00 Anxiety, Growing up
48:25 How People Feed Anxiety, Evolution
1:05:20 Austin tells a story, how Anxiety commandeered the story
1:31:45 Dr. K Story, Evil, Compassion
1:36:14 Medications for Anxiety
1:50:35 Understanding Anxiety
1:57:57 Meditation Start
2:10:00 Meditation Outro, explanations

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