dealing with social anxiety (& learning to love myself)


just a loooong but hopefully wholesome and useful chat about me dealing with social anxiety, reflecting on life, and learning to love myself 🙂

hello my friends it’s nina i’m writing this at 4:30am and i’m talking about social anxiety. i’ve dealt with social anxiety since middle school and i’ve been meaning to make a video on this topic for YEARS but i never got around to doing it, but on this day i finally turned on my camera and just talked about it. no matter how many times i tried to organize my thoughts about this topic and plan out what i was gonna say without following a script, going with my heart and just letting my brain and mouth speak was always just the best way to go. there will always be more things i wanted to talk about, but hopefully this 33 minute video does some justice!

as i mentioned, i’m not a professional on this topic whatsoever nor do i intend for my words to replace those of a professional. this video is merely just words from one young adult trying to navigate through life to another. i just thought a personal experience from someone living a normal simple life would be nice. my only sources on this topic are my prior knowledge of social anxiety, my own life, lots of years of googling and reading medical websites and blogs, and two years of college level psychology classes.

i hope y’all enjoy this video and that this helped you get to know me better too. i realized i don’t make as many chatty videos as i thought, so i hope this was a nice little change! okay i am very sleepy now so i think that is all i have for this video. i shall see you next time my friends!! stay healthy, stay safe, stay loving yourselves.

love, neen.


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