How I Cleared My Skin from Adult Acne | Chronic Pain | Extra stored fat


Right, I won’t even pretend like I have any idea what I’m talking about. I am truly just telling you what I personally did, and what worked from me from my own personal experience. As I write this, my skin looks LOADS better than it did in this video.

That’s because I’m keeping it clean with the Yur Skin products, but mostly because I am BEING HONEST AND OPEN AND TRANSPARENT WITH MY EMOTIONS. I am allowing things to flow THROUGH me. I’m not holding anything in.

We hold emotions and pain in our skin, in our bones, in extra fat…I know it’s a weird concept to open yourself up to, but how could being more open with your emotions hurt? The truth will set you free, and your soul free.

Peace of mind is freedom.

Our human suit FEELS that freedom.

Any questions?! 😀

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If you want to do what I’ve been doing – choose breathwork.

Breathwork meditation literally makes my skin GLOW. I am obsessed with it and I know it’s what’s improving my life drastically.

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